Nomination Bafta Awards Rising Star VICTORIA


Winner Outstanding Feature Film / Best Direction / Best Film Score / Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role / Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role / Best Cinematography


Nomination European Film / European Director / European Actress / Audience Award


Winner Outstanding Artistic contribution Silver Bear / Prize of the guid of German Art House cinemas / Reader Jury of the Berliner Morgenpost


Winner Best Female Lead 


Winner Best Actress in a Foreign Film


Nomination Best International Actress


"Costa gives a commendably committed performance, sacrificing some of her pixie-ish fashion-model beauty to sweaty, spotty, grungy, spittle-flecked realism." Hollywood Reporter

"Come for the one take and stay for Costa's triumphant performance." Indiewire

"Played by the fiercely talented Laia Costa. She is remarkable: going from carefree to shellshocked over the course of one life-morning, she doesn't strike a false note, serving as the eyes and ears of the audience on the hellish journey. She also lends the project enormous heart, particularly when the devastating conclusion comes into play." The Guardian

“This is a movie that wows…both Costa and Lau offer strong portrayals.  To watch them perform from the highest of highs to the most desolate of depths, unedited and ever-evolving, is like witnessing a live stunt act…theirs are technically superior work that is all the more impressive for the challenge posed.” Film International 

"There’s more talent and fortitude in Victoria than we might imagine when we first meet her, and Laia Costa is more than up to the challenge. At one point, she’s called to emote at considerable length. And it’s heart-wrenching, and convincingly heart-wrenching." Fandor Keyframe Daily 

"However, the linchpin that holds the film together is the remarkable performances of Costa and Lau. Costa boasts a look that somehow connotes her character's delight, excitement, fear and trepidation all at the same time." Cine Vue

“Young Spanish talent Laia Costa puts in a livewire performance as Victoria, a vivacious twenty-something (though she looks younger) who is first seen bopping alone in a strobe-lit dance trance in a Berlin nightclub…Victoria has a fearless streak, a sort of willing naivety, that attracts her to the group of friends.” Screen Daily

“Astutely evoking the kind of tenuous relationships that can spring up during one drunken night in Berlin…the first section is so charming and well-observed, and creates such real chemistry between the two terrific leads.” The Playlist

“Working from a bare-bones script that calls for entirely improvised dialogue, Schipper and his team have a devised a high-concept romp that nonetheless says something rather delicate and touching about feckless generational ennui and transnational loneliness…Led by the thoroughly winning Costa and Lau, the ensemble rises to task with their plausible, frequently witty off-the-cuff chatter." Variety

"Laia Costa plays with sensational realism. Her joy at the club and pain in the hotel are the two extremes of a wonderful performance, the best of the Berlinale this year so far.  In the competition for the Silver Bear for Best Actress, Nicole Kidman, Lea Seydoux and Juliette Binoche have a tough act to beat." DIE WELT 

"The main reason to see “Victoria” isn’t even the single-take aesthetic, it’s the work of Laia Costa as the title character." Roger Ebert

"The real payoff from this film is the lead playing the titular character, Laia Costa, in a really damn spectacular performance. Playing Victoria is demanding on quite a few intimidating levels: the ability to be in front of the camera for over two hours nonstop and never break character, and carry the film (which she does effortlessly). Costa not only makes it dazzling, she reminds you how beautiful and exciting life is —her charisma percolates throughout the movie and she really lights up the screen with an abundance of pizzazz audiences will adore. Costa is a virtuoso of talent and her nuanced emotional range is going to make her a star." Hammer to Nail

"In Victoria and her lead actress, the amazing Laia Costa, the Berlinale has found a queen. Nicole Kidman is no match for Laia Costa's real and natural performance." Images Parlantes 

"Laia gives truth to the team effort with a performance created by improvisation. Even in a scenario with so many stars, her "Victoria" with wordplay included, would not be a surprise." Odia 

"Laia Costa, her glorious one take… Juliette Binoche, Charlotte Rampling and Laia Costa. There are no more names on the list of candidates for Best Actress at the Berlinale." EL PAIS 

"Laia Costa has talent, passion and unconditional love for each of her characters. She has already achieved something very complicated, she is in the spotlight of European film." La caja de música